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Stokke, not stock… but wait no-no we have them in stock. So yeah Stokke happens to be the best of the best at doing stuff for kids. They also happen to have more than eighty years of existence and over forty of childcentric philosophy. From strollers that look like something brought from the future to the forty four year old Tripp Trapp chair. From Ålesund, Norway to Escazú, Costa Rica. We got more under way, they’re coming.

Generation after another, the Wolf has found a way to keep the craft of reinvention to be provocative and inspiring. Wolf Gordon is a wallcovering company born of friendship and experience that for almost half a century has worked with interior designers to achieve daunting results. Today, they stand as an eclectic brand that delves into upholstery and drapery as they do into architecture. Their commitment to avoid reissues and their expansion into their own design studios or custom labs has kept their brand unique. They are as well a family company willing to introduce independent voices to the big market. 

Bludot is for the Mad ones. The ones who want more out of their funiture. They’ve come all the way from Minneapolis to take over our showroom’s spotlight. Couches soft as clouds, coffee tables for coffee drinking, chairs for a post-modern King and for a perfect power nap. So here they are, waiting to be overlooked by boring people. Yeah.

Areaware is humor and poetry incarnated in home design that’s both functional and unsual. Young people opening spaces for madness and creativity. Little robots and elephants handmade in wood are small highlights that came all the way from Williamsburg, Brooklyn to steal away curious looks from our customers. You get why we dig them so much, it’s like we just do.